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Double Dutch Magic Semi Carbon Blades

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Double Dutch Magic Semi Carbon Blades

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Magic Semi Carbon Blades


With a large blade design, the Magic is not exclusively a blade for the big boys, but it does ask for some strength and control. If you like to paddle big water, surf big waves or race fast, this is your choice. Every contact with the water allows you to transfer full strength via your blade to the water.

The goal of the semi-carbon blades is to reduce the gap between fibreglass and carbon paddles. The carbon paddle is a high-end paddle, but doesn’t always match the budget of an average paddler. Therefore, the semi-carbon is a great step up. This paddle is a true mix of fibreglass and carbon. The price, weight and strength are right in the middle. Even the design of the paddle is semi-carbon; the back of the blade is coloured fiberglass, while the front is carbon.

The Magic Semi-Carbon comes with the straight FiberGlass shaft and there is an option on adjustable.

This paddle is sent unassembled, in 2 parts (adjustable) or as a whole paddle.


Magic Semi-Carbon Characteristics
Blade Length x Width (cm) 47,5 x 19,5
Material blade Semi-Carbon
Weight blades (gram) 810
Available shafts Straight FiberGlass
Weight straight fiberglass shaft (gram) 260
Extra shaft options 2 part adjustable
Available lengths Any (most ordered 190 - 202)
Available angles Any (most ordered 15°, 30°, 45°)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight in Grams 810
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