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Index - Nylon (Finger Board)

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Index - Nylon (Finger Board)

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Index - Nylon


Nylon paddle shaft index Provides position reference for straight shaft and round paddle shafts For blade control and paddling with a relaxed grip, the more oval your paddle shaft has the better. Add this "Finger Board" to the grip area of your paddle and you'll have less trouble with diving blades while sculling and fewer missed rolls. More oval also means you can loosen your grip without loosing control and having the paddle shaft spin in your hand. The looser your grip the less strain on your tendons and the more efficient your forward stroke. The "Finger Board" creates a hollow but stiff lump on the side of your paddle normally facing your bow. You'll be able to feel for this even with neoprene gloves on. Heat shrink tubing sold separately (You'll need to use a heat gun set at low to apply the heat shrink tubing - hair driers are not hot enough). As an alternative, you can just tape the Finger Board down w/ electrical tape).
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Additional Information

Weight in Grams 28
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